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Team Engagement Sessions

Differences in behaviours and motivators within a management team can often be the source of conflict and disharmony (i.e. ‘if only everyone was more like me!’). These differences can create a stressful, ineffective working environment, and keep your team from reaching common goals. However, it is these very differences, that when properly appreciated, can bring incredible value and strength to a team.

Focus Insights team sessions are designed to bring a group of individuals together to work toward a common goal. They build an appreciation and respect for the hidden strengths that reside in others, and impart an understanding of the value that diversity can bring to a team. Our sessions, while customizable to meet your own particular needs, will often include the following as some of their goals:

  • Understand the internationally accepted DISC theory, and how it can be utilized as a valuable tool in daily management
  • Understand the 6 different Motivators and the role they play in our life and at work
  • Learn about ones’ own behavioural styles and key motivators and how they can impact on others
  • Learn about the unique strengths and talents of other team members, and how they compare to your own
  • Learn to observe behaviours and motivators in others, and how to modify your own behaviours to be more successful in working effectively, both with other team members as well as other people in your life (including customers!)
  • Build a Team Workbook and Team Composite with key information about how to communicate with other team members and,
  • Establish an action plan to improve upon both individual effectiveness and the team’s overall effectiveness based on identified strengths and developmental opportunities within the team.

I Quit, But Forgot To Tell You

As managers, we have all had to deal with people who are physically in attendance, but who have checked their mind at the door. Fortunately, unhappy or disengaged employees weren’t always that way, and they can once again become active and positive contributors to your company’s growth and success.

Focus Insights “I Quit but Forgot to Tell You” Workshop teaches you to recognize ‘the five stages of disengagement’, before it reaches a critical stage and starts affecting your bottom line. In this online series, your managers will learn to understand and proactively react to disengagement, before it can negatively impact coworkers and customers alike.

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