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Behavioural and Motivators Certification

Focus Insights offers 2-3 day Behaviours and Motivators Certification Workshop sessions, to provide your organization with the internal expertise and knowledge to understand Focus Insights Assessment Reports, the Job Reports and the technologies we utilize to implement, access and manage your own candidate and employee data.  This program certifies you to administer the individual assessment tools within your organization and qualifies you for your own Corporate Account for immediate access to assessment results.

Certification also qualifies you to receive the information and support necessary to best realize the advantages of assessment solutions. The Certification Program is designed to build confidence and competence in the utilization of the Behavioural and Motivational assessment processes, and at the conclusion of this Program, your own  internal Certified Behavioural Analysts will:

  • Understand the validity of the tools, and be able to use them objectively.
  • Be confident in their understanding of the four basic Behavioural factors and the 6 Motivational Values, their relative strengths and potential limitations, and the value that each one can bring to an organization.
  • Be able to analyze and compare the Behavioural and Motivational factors of an individual in relation to a specific role.
  • Have the tools and knowledge to confidently apply Focus Insights assessment tools to specific organizational needs.

Certification is an excellent way to protect your investment in assessments, and in bringing expertise in-house, ensures the sustainability and continued viability of assessment initiatives and the programs surrounding them.

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Professional Development Series (online video based training)

The DISC (Behavioural) coaching groups are offered as onsite training. The online video series training is a great augmentation to our onsite training and provides ongoing support to your employees.

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