Do you have a plan for your company’s future leadership?

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs are designed to provide professional support and valuable feedback in an objective, confidential and non-threatening setting. Focus Insights integrates our assessment expertise, 360° feedback tools, and our ability to establish positive, trusting relationships, to bring about demonstrable changes in individual performance – changes that enhance day-to-day role effectiveness.

The benefits of our external leadership development support include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Objectivity of an experienced third party
  • Elimination of any confidentiality concerns
  • Heightened focus on high-impact behavioural changes
  • Improved awareness of an individual’s impact on others

Mentoring for Success

Mentoring guides less-experienced employees through the proactive involvement of experienced employees. Mentoring is critical to anyone planning on advancing their career and is a relatively inexpensive but effective approach to growing and grooming a seasoned workforce.

Contact us to learn more about our stepped approach to empowering your employees. The elements of our program include:

  • A strategically-planned mentoring program design
  • Facilitated matching of mentors and mentorees
  • Development training for mentors and mentorees
  • A no-fault termination clause
  • A formalized career development plan and tracking system

Succession Planning

All companies need to find and develop their next generation of leaders if they want to thrive, let alone survive. But experts agree that few master succession management. To create an effective succession management process, your business must:

  • Quickly anticipate and fill succession gaps
  • Identify employees with high management potential and actively plan their careers and development
  • Proactively move to migrate corporate wisdom to identified future leaders
  • Align people strategy with business strategy
  • Periodically review their talent recruitment and development processes to adjust to growth and changing strategy

When you follow these practices you can create the kind of leadership and management capacity that delivers sustainable business results, even in times of change and uncertainty. You’ll also have a uniformly higher level of performance in key roles, lower attrition among top performers and a high internal promotion rate.

While succession planning is essential, it is only the first step. It is equally important to develop your leaders and managers to the point where they can execute your business strategy and deliver results.

Our steps for succession planning include:

  • Identifying roles for succession
  • Developing a clear understanding of the capabilities required to undertake those roles through our Job Benchmarking process
  • Identifying and assessing employees who could potentially fill and perform highly in succession roles
  • Developing an individualized coaching/mentoring plan for specific employees to prepare them for advancement
  • Designing a proactive recruitment strategy

Managing Performance Priorities

Managers today have a long list of responsibilities that go above and beyond managing a team’s performance. That means less focus on working toward goals as a team. Without clear and consistent communication, employees often struggle with self-management. Managing Performance Priorities ensures your team stays connected and works effectively.

Managing Performance Priorities helps managers and their team become more effective in working toward and staying on the right path. Employees submit a proposed game plan for their manager to approve rather than waiting around for their manager to give them their next assignment. With this level of communication, you’ll significantly reduce time wasted on the wrong tasks. Managing Performance Priorities is simple to incorporate and with online accessibility, distance from your teams is never an issue.

Call us today to find out how this tool can keep your team focused and on track!

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