Are you positive you are selecting the right talent?

At Focus Insights we help you hire the right person, in the right job, on the right team.  Our proven and effective hire solutions include:

  • Attracting
  • Selecting
  • Job Benchmarking
  • Solutions 4 Hiring™
  • On-Boarding


Focus Insights will help you develop an effective attraction and recruitment strategy. We’ll help you attract the right candidates with:

  • Job Benchmarking
  • Attraction & recruitment strategy
  • Job ad design & placement strategies
  • Pre-screening & interview questions


We’ll help you select the right candidates with:

  • Job Benchmarking
  • Assessments
  • Solutions 4 Hiring™

Job Benchmarking

We use our own Job Benchmarking process to help you select “best-fit” candidates that possess:

  • The Behavioural Characteristics needed for the job
  • The Motivators satisfied by the job and your company’s culture
  • The Thinking Styles that affect performance
  • The Key Competencies that contribute to the success of your company

Our processes and assessments help you identify candidates that fit most naturally within a position, team and organization. By hiring this way you can achieve:

  • A more engaged workforce
  • Decreased job stress and employee turnover
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity
  • A more harmonious working environment

Solutions 4 Hiring™

Solutions 4 Hiring™ offers a unique and comprehensive portfolio of services that address common variety of services that solve recruitment, selection and retention challenges. Our exclusive Talent Management Plus system, manages a database of pre-assessed applicants to recruit the individual best suited for the job. Additionally, our team of certified staffing professionals, experts in their understanding of assessments and job-based behavioural interviewing, will work with you in ensuring that you bring top talent to your organization.

Search & Fulfillment

We provide:

  • Customized Job Benchmarks
  • Personalized online and phone recruiting
  • Applicant data collection and storage
  • Pre-employment assessments of every applicant
  • Phone, in-person or video conference interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Top candidate debriefing
  • 4 month guarantee on each new hire
  • New hire orientation kit for each person hire

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Providing your new employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful early on is key to ensuring early success of your new hires. Once you’ve hired your ideal candidates, we’ll help you provide individually designed ramp-up training programs.

When your new employee arrives to work on their first day, our New Hire Orientation Kit helps:

  • Lay out the position’s responsibilities and expectations
  • The employee see how they compare to qualities required for superior performance
  • To address identified gaps and provide resources for job related coaching and development
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