Are you concerned about retaining your top talent?

A recent Gallup study found that over 70% of employees are not engaged. That means businesses are operating at significantly less than full capacity – a loss that could be costing you millions of dollars a year. We can help you keep your employees motivated, engaged and working for YOU! Our proven and effective solutions for retention include:

  • Personal assessment debriefing – ‘Self Discovery’ Process
  • Team Engagement Sessions
  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Personal Assessment Debriefing – A ‘Self Discovery’ Process

We provide real-life understanding of what our assessment results mean to you, your employees, your coworkers and your customers. Our unique approach includes a personalized debriefing of your assessment results with experienced advisors. This creates an opportunity for your employees to:

  • Digest their assessment results in a comfortable and non-threatening fashion
  • Develop their understanding of the impact their behaviours, motivators, thinking styles and key competencies have on others
  • Learn how to communicate their results to others
  • Aid in better understanding and improved communication
  • Develop action plans for increased effectiveness in their roles

Team Engagement Sessions

In today’s business environment, ensuring that your team is cohesive, synchronized and ‘firing on all cylinders’ is absolutely crucial to meeting both your personal and corporate goals. Focus Insights has consistently generated extremely positive feedback and rave reviews for the positive changes that result when team members share their behaviours and motivators in one of our customized Team Engagement Sessions.

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Employee and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you ever fear that you are running your business in a vacuum? Do you sense that you may not be as “in touch” with your customers or employees as you would like to be? Focus Insights’ online organizational surveys are an efficient, customized alternative to expensive, and labour-intensive survey processes. They are easy to create and administer and can be completed quickly and non-disruptively through our secure online portal. The results will help you quickly identify the types of interventions that may be required to reach your business goals and to improve employee and customer satisfaction and engagement.

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