The reporting, the assessment tools and the support from Focus Insights has become a key part of our organization and design. I wouldn’t hire a leader in our organization without using the tool.
Phil Bates – Sr. Vice President, Telus


We help businesses hire the right people. We use industry-leading tools and our own processes to establish Job Benchmarks that help find key behavioural characteristics, motivators and personal skills that are required for success. Using these benchmarks, we work with you to build a recruitment strategy that includes developing job ads that will attract the best candidates, customized interview questions for pre-screening and face to face interviewing and reference questions. Our process is proven to significantly increase your ability to hire the right people and increases their potential for success over the long-term.


Everyone is motivated. But what motivates us is unique. Leading and coaching people according to their unique abilities, personal skills, motivators and working style is critical to engaging them. Hiring the right people is the first step towards increasing engagement. We’ll help you learn how Job Benchmarking and assessments will allow you to easily identify high potentials, create career development fast-tracks and promote from within to boost your employees’ morale and keep them engaged.

We conduct employee satisfaction surveys to test the pulse of your organization and your people. The results are an ideal way to engage your employees in the development of programs and focus groups that will help make your company a great place to work.


You can become a better employer by training your organization’s leaders to understand and appreciate the unique behaviours, motivators and personal skills of the people they lead. We’ll help build their understanding by applying our assessments to workshops, performance management, coaching and mentoring. And we’ll help you with succession planning so your company can continue to achieve success over the long-term.

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