TriMetrix™ HD

TriMetrix™ HD combines our Behaviours, Motivators and Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ assessment results to determine the “how” a person will behave, “why” they behave the way they do and “what” potential they bring.  With this in-depth look at an individual, an accurate picture can be formed that is essential to hiring, coaching and retention of top performers in your organization.

The key has been aligning competencies to jobs. We use TriMetrix HD for recruitment as well as with helping teams understand one another’s similarities and differences. It has ensured that new hires compliment existing teams, and we also use it for ongoing learning and development.
Lynn Allen – Director Talent Management, SCI Group

The Tri-Metrix HD report combined with Focus Insights Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst, you can predict success of your potential new hires consistently and coach for superior performance.

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