Our Motivators/Values assessment survey reveals the ‘Key’ to engaging your people.  When an individual’s Key Motivators align with their job, their team and their organization, they will be more passionate and productive over the long-term.  This unique assessment helps us understand “why” individuals are motivated to do what they do.  We will know in advance what drives them, what they value in life, and how they like to be rewarded.   Differences in Motivators can be at the root of much of your organization conflict.

It can be used to:

  • Hire the right person
  • Motivate and reward based your employees unique needs
  • Engage your employees
  • Improve communication and “irreconcilable differences”
  • Team Building
  • Career Building and Succession Planning
  • Cultural Assessments

Below is a sample exerpt from a Workplace Motivators Report:

Below is a Normative Graph representing the Six Motivators/Values we measure along with the intensity of those Motivators/Values for our ‘sample’ person in comparison to National Mean.  The more companies understand what individuals are passionate or strong about, the more effective they will be at tailoring their reward system and engaging their employees in the workplace.  Conversely we can also learn about those things that are not as motivating for them and based on our indifferences we can better understand what might be sources of conflict for us with other team member and roles.

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