Focus Insights provides you with an enhanced ability to recruit, manage and develop your people based on knowledge and appreciation of individual behaviours, motivators (or values) and personal skills. In utilizing Focus Insights assessments, you come to understand that the How (behaviours), the Why (motivators) and the Will (personal skills) of an individual, come together to make them unique.

The fact is there are no right or wrong, or good or bad assessments – there are incredible strengths associated with every profile we see. The Focus Insights science lies in matching these strengths to the ‘right’ job, and in identifying opportunities for development in an individual that can make them more effective and successful in their roles. Focus Insights will work with you to establish the link between the unique requirements of a job, and the unique talents of ‘best-fit’ individuals. The result will be a happier, more engaged employee, higher productivity, reduced attrition and absenteeism, and less stress in the workplace.

Our Behaviours (DISC), Motivators (Values) and Personal Skills assessments can be administered at any stage of the candidate review process or employee life cycle. Building awareness and appreciation of the benefits that profile diversity brings to your team and company is key to self-discovery, team-building and leadership success.”

Our Process

We have designed a 5 step process to maximize your use of assessments as a powerful tool in hiring new employees, optimizing personal performance and achieving business results.

1. Role Benchmarking – We’ll create a custom Job Benchmark of key roles in your organization to help make accurate selection and retention decisions.  Your Job Benchmark will establish the ideal standards for hiring and for coaching and developing existing employees.

2. Validate the Job Benchmark – Your top-performing employees will be asked to complete an assessment to identify key characteristics related to excellent and sub-par performance.  From this data we’ll produce a job versus talent comparison report to determine critical performance factors and validate the Job Benchmark.

3. Incorporate new behaviours, motivations and attributes into the existing recruitment model – We’ll recommend a recruitment model for screening, assessing and selecting top performers based on Job Benchmarks.  This ensures that key success factors as developed in the Job Profile are incorporated within each phase of the recruitment process for new hires.

4. Assess future candidates and compare candidate results to the Job Benchmark – After creating a Role Benchmark, you can use our TriMetrix™ or Talent Insights Personal Talent Assessments to assess potential candidates or existing employees.

5. Internal Certification – Focus Insights will conduct a behaviours, motivators and personal skills certification workshop that will provide key personnel the skills to understand our Assessment Theories, Personal Talent Reports and the Job Reports.  Our program certifies key personnel to administer the individual assessment tools within your organization and qualifies them for a Corporate Account for immediate access to assessment results.

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