Job Benchmarking

The right talent in the right job spells success!

The foundation for hiring superior performers begins with our proprietary job benchmarking process, which provides for enhanced and often new insights into the real needs and requirements of the role you are looking to fill. In using a more scientific approach, it also eliminates the tendency for bias in hiring decisions, and increases dramatically the potential for success in new hires.

Using the developed Job Benchmark, Focus Insights helps you select ‘best-fit’ candidates that possess:

  • the Behavioural Characteristics needed for the job
  • the Motivators satisfied by both the job and unique culture of the company,
  • the Thinking Styles that affect performance, and
  • the Key Competencies to contribute to the overall success of the company.

While there will rarely ever be a 100% job match for any job hire, the process also serves to identify  ‘gaps’ to the ideal benchmark, thus providing a great opportunity for future training and development, both for your new and existing employees.

Focus Insights’ process and assessments helps you to identify candidates that more naturally “fit” with a position, team and an organization. In hiring such people, the end result for you as a Business Leader will be:

  • A more engaged workforce
  • Decreased job stress and employee turnover
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity

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