Why Focus Insights


We have over 10 years experience in the field of Talent Management. Our success with many of Canada’s largest companies has made us one of Target Training International’s most successful distributors in the world. In our first year, we took TTI’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ honours at the annual worldwide distributor conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Just six years later at the same conference, we were named TTI’s Distributor of the Year over 7,000 distributors worldwide and were the first non U.S. company to ever reach this achievement.

Validated Tools

We have developed specialized knowledge in the delivery of our scientifically validated assessments. These assessments measure a number of factors that ultimately define talent. They are used in over 50 countries and in 26 different languages to help businesses effectively manage their most valuable asset – their people. Our validation studies are undertaken by third party organizations and are regularly updated. That’s why when you use our assessments, you can be sure you are using the most current and valid tools available.


Once we have developed an understanding of a client’s unique talent challenges, we draw on our specialized experience and expertise to find the best talent solution. For over a decade, we have provided consulting services to literally hundreds of companies across Canada. We have experience in a variety of industries and organizations and are uniquely positioned to help you with your own unique people challenges.


Our team of consultants and partners with over 50 years collective experience is what makes us a Talent Management leader.

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